Monday, February 21, 2005

Its only 6 pm

and I am at the computer. Y isn't home yet, each of the kids of a friend over and they are playing / watching videos without bothering me. It is so rare that this happens that I am not sure what I should be doing. The uber-mom in me is telling me that I should be playing with A and her friend instead of letting them watch a video that they have seen 20 times. The almost non-existent housekeeper in me is telling me to go fold the laundry and pick up the toys that are all over the living room as we are having guests in two days. The slacker in me is telling me to play solitaire. But the voice of brother who said what's with your blog sent me blogging.
This quiet won't last long and I can't concentrate long enough to put in words some of the things I have been thinking about but at least I'm writing, which was the point of this in the first place.


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