Friday, December 24, 2004


As I sat here playing solitaire while waiting for the Internet to connect I realized a major difference between Mr. March and myself. In the evening when we are at home and the kids are asleep he wants the house to be quiet. He can handle the TV if we are watching something but otherwise he wants quiet. I, on the other hand don’t mind the noise of the dishwasher or the washing machine, even if I am just sitting around reading a book. The house’s noises comfort me. Maybe this is because I have spent more evening here alone (well with sleeping children but without him). This trip that I took to Prague was the first time in over six years that I went abroad without him. He has gone numerous times. Granted they were all work but still he left me here. I’m not complaining, and I have had plenty of evenings out, even an occasional overnight elsewhere. But I like when my house makes noise. It makes me feel at home.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Keeping Busy

Hanukkah turned into one of the busiest weeks ever. December on a whole has been a hectic month. First night of candle lighting was a party in Tamuzi’s kindergarten. Second night we drove to Jerusalem for My cousin D’s traditional candle lighting/party/present fest. I had a good time. I would realy like to see more of D and Y. Unfortunately Sister A and her family couldn’t get there. Thursday I went to work in the morning and then flew to Prague in the afternoon for the first ever European Phoenix meet. It was great. Yahewe, Vev and I hit it off like the last time we met. Renee was a great hostess and Kunterbunt and the only real European helped put perspective on the whole thing. I was worried about flying to a different country to spend time with women I only knew from their writing but my fears were unfounded. I would really like to take a trip to the USA to meet more of the wonderful feminists I have learned so much from through our both serious and frivolous conversations on the Phoenix.

Got back early Monday morning and after a short nap went back to work. Wednesday Mr. March and I schlepped to Jerusalem for the amnio test. Wasn’t that bad. Now just the agonizing time of waiting for results.
The Mr. started his new job yesterday and today he is at the hospital with his mother who is having a “tzintur” (I will have to look that up). His new job means I have to get both kids out of the house in the morning on my own. Today was ok. Hope they keep it up.

Thursday, December 09, 2004


The European Phoenix meet is happening tonight! I can't believe I am going to Prague! I won't believe it is true until I am actually on a plane - the fact that I bought my ticket over the internet doesn't help boost my confidence that this is going to happen. That and the fact that I am writing this from work. I can't believe I am flying to Europe to stay with a bunch of women who I know from the internet. Meeting Vev and Yahewe a few months ago has installed confidence that it will be ok.

So, my bag is packed, Renee's directions are in my pocket, the Hanukkiya and candles have been bought, hey, I even used this as an excuse to buy new shoes, so now it has to happen.

Pictures will hopefully be posted when I get back.