Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Is this really my life

As I sit here eating my well balanced meal of corn chips and salsa I think about this sleeping household and think I am living someone else's life. Here I am, 35 yrs old, married to a wonderful guy who I love and who loves me, we have two children and another one on the way and I don't remember when I signed up for this program. I keep thinking of Catarina and who extremely unplanned pregnancy at 30 something and think that is more what I expected from me. Not that I'm complaining (and BTW, neither is she), its just strange how things work out.

The kids, especially Avigail, have been wearing me out. I am tired all the time and short of temper. Y says I am angry. But I'm not. I think I just feel a little overwhelmed and jealous of Y with his new job, new car, and vacation.

We've also decided to do the amnio which is making me nervous. I don't feel as confident with this pregnancy as with the last two. I think I need to contemplate why.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Added the links

Hey, fellow (is there a feminine form for this word?) bloggers. I finally put some of you back where you are clickable. I know obsessively check if you have added new posts to your blogs and get upset when you don't. I hope that means that there is at least one person out there who checks on me occasionaly. Maybe I should install sitemeter or something?

Not giving up yet

I know, its been over two months since my last post. I really want to do this but somehow there is always something else. I am also tired, more that usual but being pregnant does that to you.

I finally signed up for another writing class since blogging hasn't encouraged me to write more at least if I am in a program where I have to hand things in I will do it more.

Still trying to figure out how I am going to fit in a weekend in Prague next month. Somehow it has to happen.