Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Its been ages...

It's been over a month since I last blogged. Between the computer not working - seems we were attacked by some virus, yoram having no time to fix things, and taking vacation, blogging just could not be fit in to my busy life. So for all my reader - all three of you - I'm back.

On the whole, in my personal life things are good. We had a wonderful vacation in Sinai. The kids start gan (that's Hebrew for pre-school) tomorrow, and work is ok.

OTOH, the world around me is getting worse.
-Another suicide bomber today : "Two buses exploded almost simultaneously in southern Israel on Tuesday, killing dozens."- last count 16 killed in Beer Sheva. This of course means that the army will now have an excuse to bomb some more Palestinians.

AG Mazuz decides to open criminal investigation against Minister Hanegbi : So now the minister in charge of the police is being invesitgated for crimes he commited in his previous ministry.

At a non violent demonstrations against the Wall last Friday, a few volunteers from the international solidarity movement climbed the wall. How they did that no one is sure. OTOH, two of them were arrested. As of yesterday they were still in jail. This kind of thing doesn't even get on the new here.: "Two international activists - one American, one Italian - were arrested at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on August 27th. Both have been charged with damage to police property. "Earlier that day the American activist was seen climbing on The Wall at Abu Dis in East Jerusalem during a rally for peace attended by Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi

There is no good news in this country. Yoram seriously wants us to try and live somewhere else. He has put aside the idea of New Zealand and is now thinking of Australia. Who knows, maybe he is right.


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