Thursday, July 15, 2004

Can't keep up...

I realy want to blog more often and am forever writing enrtries in my head but...
My computer at home has something wrong with it and we can't get online and I realy don't have time for blogging at work (even though I am posting this at work right now).

Just a short update on what I have been up to. Last Friday we went to see David Broze in concert. I have to say that after Eran Zur and David Broza I feel like I am getting old. The songs that moved me the most in these concerts were Eran's song to his wife (that I already wrote about) and David's song saying that if he had to do it all again he would do it with her.

Saturday morning I had my first watch at Barta'a checkpoint. I will write more another time as I have to work.


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