Thursday, July 22, 2004

Trying to do something meaningful

Yesterday I went to a meeting for the women of MachsomWatch from the Haifa area. Basically the women who go to the northern checkpoint – Barta’a and Jalame. I have only gone out once (second time this Saturday) so it was really interesting to meet women who have been doing this for a while. Three women from the Jerusalem group (the ones who started the organization) came and spoke with us about their experiences. It turned out to be very good timing since four women from our group were in Barta’a when the army came to demolish 13 buildings. They got caught up in the demonstrations and were shot with tear gas. Now they are trying to figure out how to use this for better publicity. On the one hand I want to tell Yoram about this but I am afraid who will be against my going to Barta’a if he thinks it is dangerous.
The women in this group are really impressive, dedicated and capable. One of them said that it has been such a wonderful experience for her to meet so many interesting women. It sounds like this good be a good feminist experience and well as a chance to do something politically.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Can't keep up...

I realy want to blog more often and am forever writing enrtries in my head but...
My computer at home has something wrong with it and we can't get online and I realy don't have time for blogging at work (even though I am posting this at work right now).

Just a short update on what I have been up to. Last Friday we went to see David Broze in concert. I have to say that after Eran Zur and David Broza I feel like I am getting old. The songs that moved me the most in these concerts were Eran's song to his wife (that I already wrote about) and David's song saying that if he had to do it all again he would do it with her.

Saturday morning I had my first watch at Barta'a checkpoint. I will write more another time as I have to work.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

From Frog, via grace - a meme

1) Name: Yael

2) Age you stopped believing in the tooth fairy: 7

3) Favorite TV show(s) from your youth: little house on the prarie

4) Best three features: kindnes, friendly, honest

5) Top reason you get out of bed in the morning: Need to pee

6) Secret fantasy: not ready to write that hear.

7) Biggest fear: Being left alone

8) Favorite artist: Korine Elal (Israeli musician), Tori Amos

9) Happiest childhood memory: I have a terrible memory and can't pick one specific moment

10) Scariest movie you have ever seen: Requiem for a Dream (Thanks Grace)

11) First person you fell in love with: Mikey

12) Your best Halloween costume ever: Purim costume – Lira, old Isreali coin

13) Did you have an imaginary friend: No.

14) Do you believe in life after death? Yes

15) Where do you hope to be in ten years? Better job, more kids

16) Saddest moment of your life? being dumped by someone who will remain nameless

17) Have you ever dated anyone off an email list? No

18) How many people do you owe an apology to right now? A few.

19) How are you most afraid of dying: Slowly

20) Biggest regret: Not finishing university the first time around.

21) Is bad sex better than no sex: Sometimes.

22) What flavor would you be? Mint

23) What would be your idea of heaven: lots of books to read, lots of chocalate to eat, being able to sleep whenever I want.

24) Biggest pet peeve: People who don't put their children in car seats and seatbelts.

25) Are you happy: Most of the time.

26) Three words to describe yourself:

Bad day

Today was a shitty day at work. It is too complicated to get into but at some point I just walked out of the office. My colleague, O, has a horse whose stable is close to the office. I went to visit the horse. Anybody who knows me know I am not an animal person. The horse sensed that but could tell I needed cheering up. He just came over, put his head next to me and stood there.
It made the rest of the day easier to get through.