Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I've been busy

Life has been hectic. Work is crazy busy that I haven't been able to surf the net very much. I have checked some blogs and thank you to all of you have linked to me and I hope to create more links here soon.

On Thursday Yoram and I went to see Eran Zur in concert. It was a free show through Y's work and we went without much expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. I had this image of him being very melancholy. He turned out to be a real rock and roller and his lyrics are great. He sang one beautiful love song to his wife all about how he felt watching her nurse their son - I was practically in tears.

The day before that we went out with my parents and siblings to celebrate various birthdays and anniversaries. All I can say is that going out with my parents is never boring. My brother is convinced that Kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv never have good service. This place convinced me that he might be right.

Monday we went to a wedding. Some guy from Y's work. I can't remember the last time I was in a place with so many badly dressed women. I thought it was just me but my friend B who was there agreed. When I told Tamuz we were going out that night, for the first time ever he asked that we not go out and that we cancel the babysitter. Everything was ok but it was relay hard for me to leave him since he usually is so easygoing about having a sitter. I think he just need some more time with Yoram. Maybe this weekend will help.


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