Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Can I do this?

I think I want to. Before Yoram went away I told myself I would blog everyday while he was away and then it would become habit and easy to do. Well it hasn't happened. I'm tired, or I go out.
Nobody is reading this yet. Who am I doing this for.
I read Flea's blog and am brought to tears. She tells her story so wonderfully that you want to keep reading. I want to be her friend. I want my kids to play with hers.

My week so far has been kind of bad. I screwed up at work and was berated by my boss, N, over the phone on Sunday. He is away and I feel like something is hanging over me while in the office. My other boss A has been wonderful. Trying to understand what went wrong and encouraging me that it will be ok next time. I will learn and there is an opportunity coming up soon for me to prove myself. I am worried that I will screw up again. I am losing confidence in myself, and I really like this job.

I wish Yoram was home....


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